Dora the Explorer.

Edda’s new haircut – inspired by Dora.


She’s eating a pancake breakfast, which I usually consider too fancy for the weekdays, but if you use pancake mix, you just have to add water. How complicated is that? I don’t know why I reserve it for the weekends, I think it’s just that the syrup is too sticky and messes are to be contained to the weekends.

But for us now, everyday is a weekend. Ruby is so confused, every morning, she waits by the door to go to the park or on a hike and I have to explain to her, no sweet doggie, I’m sorry, it’s Tuesday and we aren’t going anywhere even though it’s 9 am and everyone is still at home. Her ears go limp. Sheez, I wonder if I could teach Ruby PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System) or how to use some sort of computer-talking device that Stephen Hawkings uses, I bet she’d be really good at it, maybe she could tell us her thoughts on our management of the family. “You guys are just not alpha enough, look at Vince, he leaves crumbs and messes everywhere he goes and Edda gets whatever she wants by screaming her head off, is that discipline? You know I’m a total softie, but you guys have to step up to the plate.” We had a small therapy session with Edda today with her PECS, she just laughed at us like we were idiots and refused to tap the cards. Grrr, so frustrating.

Besides getting paid and being able to pay your bills, having a job also allows one other nice perk – you get to not spend every waking moment with your spouse. Even though Jeremy and I get along as well as Bert and Ernie, we still do have a need to spend some time apart. Hence, I found myself alone at the local Target looking at cool crap and not being able to buy anything because of our new budget of – shelter (mooching off my generous and wonderful parents), food (eating all the stocked food in the pantry and the freezer) and clothing (only if it’s completely worn out and you will be on the street naked or freezing without it). So basically our budget is zero.

7 thoughts on “Dora the Explorer.”

  1. Love Edda’s haircut. Since you and Jeremy get along as well as Bert and Ernie will you get the same type of haircuts?

  2. My beagles just wanted to let Ruby know…DOGS RULE!!!!!! They are anxiously awaiting the day when Olivia starts eating solid food…it’ll make clean up a lot easier, for sure!

  3. That is why I am still working in office. I have my time at office. I told daddy that we should have quiet time when both are retired. Now, I am by myself for four months, and I do miss your daddy. Looking forwards to coming back to US.

  4. Rena, the only words that jump out of your message is that “I do miss your Dad”. That really pumps up my “EGO” 🙂

    I do miss you too.

  5. Dude, you are in France!?! You could have told us you were running off to Europe.. Jeremy’s had his boxers in a knot worried that you were mad at him…

  6. Donald, glad to hear from you from France. Next time, please let someone know what you are up to.

    Mom and Dad have been worrying about you for at least several days. But, glad to know that you are all OKAY.

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