I feel crappy, oh so crappy!

I can’t believe how bad we both still feel. I spent most of the past two days sleeping and taking Motrin. The IRSA conference was good! I didn’t take any pictures, but I met a bunch of people, including Sam and Jeff, folks I met through this blog and Ingrid who runs girl power 2 cure. I met a bunch of people from Maryland, including Nita and Pam (who lives in Gaithersburg) and little chats in the hallway with lots of other folks.

We met lots of other Rett girls ranging in age from 2 to 25 and we met a lot of educators who really believe in the abilities of these girls. It was nice to see.

We came home on Sunday night, missed the tribute dinner and the science talk on Monday morning..

Jia (a cellist in the conservatory) and Bob took good care of Vince while we were gone. Tonight they played a duet for us.


One thought on “I feel crappy, oh so crappy!”

  1. Feel crappy is okay. Don’t get it too deep, though.

    Edda is in pretty good shape but, of course, needs a lot of care and love. With her condition, she may make everyone around more appreciative and energized. I practically fall in love with her by spending sometime baby sitting. Not recognizing how exhausted I was until back to Aiken, SC. For that, I certainly can appreciate Jeremy and Doris very, very much for their constant effort on Edda. In a way, she is a lucky girl.

    I noticed that Vincent is also growing faster because of her.

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