To U-Haul or not U-Haul.

So now that I’m in my mid-30s and have experienced many, many, many moves and many, many, many apartments/condos/houses/hotel rooms, I figured I had outgrown two things. IKEA and U-Haul. I think I swore to myself 3 years ago, I would never buy furniture from IKEA (as the year-old dining room chair I was sitting on broke from under me) or ever move myself in a U-Haul (which must have been in 1999, it was a painful experience and we didn’t even have kids then).

However, it seems I can’t keep a promise to myself. In Singapore, our apartment was furnished 100% IKEA even down to the wine racks and the bathroom mats thanks to our landlord. And now I see my U-Haul vow soon to be broken as well. I think we might save thousands of dollars by hiring guys locally at both ends to load/unload and renting and driving the damn U-Haul ourselves. Hmmm. We are waiting for a 2nd quote from a mover tomorrow and then decide. As long as I don’t have to lift the washing machine.


Didn’t we just unpack? Oh yeah, that’s right, just 3 weeks ago!

Vince is a little sick today (he’s wearing his favorite Sponge Bob pjs!).


2 thoughts on “To U-Haul or not U-Haul.”

  1. NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Back away from the U-Haul truck Doris, just back away!! Move yourself if you want to just get a truck from Ryder or anybody but U-Haul! We are two for two with renting from them and having the truck break down. Last time we were on the Ohio turnpike and when we called their customer service for help, after a two hour wait, they told us to call them back when we could get the truck off the turnpike. I’m not even joking. After calling highway patrol (who got us a tow truck in 20 minutes) we called them back the next day asking for a refund of both the tow and the truck rental fee. They were okay with the tow but wouldn’t budge on the rental fee because “you got your stuff where it needed to go”. Seriously.

  2. Peter and Cevin broke down outside of Denver and it was a mess for them. Plus, I have heard that with all rental trucks and especially UHAUL you MUST check the brakes. They apparently had a big expose on 20-20 or some other show for having vehicles that were not safe.

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