Chasing my childhood.

As a kid, my parents took me to the National Zoo almost every weekend. Today we spent one of our first weekends back in Maryland doing the exact same thing.

Edda and I playing in the new kiddy area (we are standing in the middle of a big foam pizza)


Vince, just finished with his blue ice cream.


The treasure of the Chesapeake – the blue crab. I remember going down to the bay with my mother and buying 2 bushels of these guys straight from the fisherman. At home, the table would be covered with a thick layer of newspapers, everyone would get a nutcracker and a mallet and we would have the most glorious messy dinners ever. We’d hand the orange roe over to Mom who would gobble it down..


4 thoughts on “Chasing my childhood.”

  1. Hi rebecca – we got it at the Rett study at Johns Hopkins. It’s called a “no-no” and it’s by prescription only. Can you believe it? Did you get my last email about all the details of the study?

  2. Yes, I still remember the crab parties. It is JHU tradition. I saw news about JHU graduates at Chicago. They FEX some live crabs to a restraint and had get together party. The restraint used white tablecloth and later JHU person told them to remove the white cloth and replaced with newspaper. I love crab and the orange stuff

  3. OMG, I get behind on my blog reading for a few weeks, and you go and move *even closer* to me??? From being secret yarn exchange buddies half a world apart to basically living in the same city–that is so cool! Glad you guys are enjoying reliving all the fun things you used to do!

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