End of procrastination.


We’ve been busy at Johns Hopkins participating in a study for the Pathogenesis of Rett Syndrome. Edda and I stayed at the hospital for 3 days – NIH is funding this study and everything (except the parking) was paid for – including travel. The following tests were done:

1. Neurological exam
2. Neuropsychological exam
3. Gait study
4. Occupational and physical therapy consult
5. MRI
6. EEG
7. EKG
8. Swallow study
9. pH probe study
10. Dexa-scan (bone density)


Whew. We are beat.

3 thoughts on “End of procrastination.”

  1. After traveling to Atlanta’s RETT symdrone convention two weekends before, last weekend was a longer trip back home to Washington DC.

    Glad to play with Vincent and Edda, they were fun, but just little bit exhausted. Ruby was still very friendly and I was too afraind to give her treats due to those dog food scare.

    This weekend, I am heading back to Washougal, WA. Hopefully, that will conclude my busiest week in summer.

  2. Sounds like a great study! Do you know if they pay long distance travel? I think it might be a great thing to do. Do you have a link to it?

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