Evolution of the printed word.

1. The World Book (circa 1984). “Researchers are seeking ways to improve computer memories and auxiliary storage equipment. The expect to produce an efficient magnetic bubble unit, which is faster and cheaper than mechanical tape or disk units. A magnetic bubble unit is a semiconductorlike chip that stores data in tiny, cylindrical shaped area called bubbles. Up to a million bits of information can be sotred in one bubble unit the size of a matchbook.”


2. IBM selectric typewriter. I loved the self-correcting ribbon.


3. Shrine to the IBM PC. Still on display in the family room next to the TV.


4. After many a dial-up service and surreptitious hanging onto errant neighborhood wireless connections, today (finally!) marks the inaugural day that my parents’ house has high speed internet. We may still have 2 rotary phones in use in the house, but hey, we are cruisin’

5 thoughts on “Evolution of the printed word.”

  1. I simply loved the IBM selectric. In fact, still wish I had one. Glad you guys have landed. Scott’s dad lives in Whitman (sp?). Are you far from there?

  2. Glad you all arrived safely. I did not go to HK since I have stayed in China more than 60 days which is a VISA violation. It will be solved on Monday.

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