Hello Saturday…

Edda is always a little off center when she walks, so she uses her abs a lot to maintain her balance. Look at her six pack.


Quince Orchard Community day at the library. What would a community day be without a fire truck?


Looked at Circle of Hope Therapeutic Riding for Edda. Gave the horses some carrots, saw a horse getting a bath, got to see a 3 month old foal! Edda laughed and laughed when she saw the foal.


For father’s day, we are hosting the DC Martins family dinner. It’s a great father’s day gift for Jeremy because he loves to cook and he hasn’t really, really cooked for a while. He started tonight by roasting the pablano chilies.


Edda and her cottage cheese mess at dinner. If we ever do the gluten free casein free diet with her, cottage cheese will be the thing she will miss the most.


5 thoughts on “Hello Saturday…”

  1. Just a reminder. Doris, is this the BBQ grills in the garage? In the house, two burners and a BBQ grills are interchangable. There is also a glass bottle (to catch oily stuff) should be attached when the BBQ grills is used.

  2. Doris, can you email me the picture of Edda with cottage cheese on her face. I would like to send out to “allthelees”. Thanks.

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