On the upswing.


  • I checked out Anna Karenina from the library for the 50th time today. This time I checked out the audio version, so maybe I will someday finish one of Jeremy’s favorite books. I already know how it ends.
  • I love the dress that Edda is wearing – she always seems to be in a good mood in this dress, but now it’s getting really short.
  • Vince and I ate lunch at McDonald’s today.
  • Jeremy rewired the house again today, the phone is still not fixed.
  • 5 thoughts on “On the upswing.”

    1. She looks sooooo cute. you need to save those favorite dresses and lets make quilts or a blanket with the ones she can’t wear.

    2. Look at her growing up so fast! I love those pictures when they put their hands behind their back! Caitlyn actually will sleep that way sometimes just to give herself some relief…I think the hands are as frusterating to her as they are to us!

      Was wondering about the “P” chewer. Did you guys find them somewhere or get them from a therapist? We would love to get some for Caitlyn!

      Take Care.

    3. sheila – a quilt! that’s a great idea. something else I need to learn how to do.

      rebecca – edda has her hands behind her back only 10% of the time or so, I try and snap the photos then when her hand isn’t in the mouth.

      here’s a link to her chewy P.


      I didn’t order it from them, i got them at the therapy place in Singapore, be sure to get the XT – xtra tough green one and not the softer purple one, Edda really uses hers a lot.

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