Singapore Advice?

Yo ex-Singaporean-ish-type folks. A coworker is passing thru Singapore on the way to India. They have an 8 hour layover. Any suggestions on what to do? Mostly where to eat?

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  1. This bus will take you around different places. What you want to see is a matter of taste. There is a place called Glutton’s gallery that is open in the evenings on the esplanade. The zoo is nice, and in the evening there is the night safari. Chinatown or Little India are interesting and have lots of food. If there is a more specific interest we can make a more specific recommendation.

  2. I would love to have some chicken rice right now. Yum. There is also the classic chili crab at the seafood restaurants on the east coast.

  3. Doris like Mickey D’s ya know. BTW Martin Clan we are headed to Colorado for the next two weeks. Leaving the land of floods (you have no idea) and headed to the land of droughts and wildfires. Let’s hope the locust are anywhere nearby!

  4. Mustafa Centre!

    It’s a huge 24 hour shopping center, and the 24 hour part is largely to cater to people on their way to India. (I think the gift-giving for your hosts is even more out of hand than for the Japanese.) It’s the Fry’s Electronics of Singapore, except they also sell food, clothes, luggage, jewelry, etc.

    Mustafa is in Little India, so there is plenty of good food around.

    In addition to the zoo and Night Safari, the Jurong Bird Park is unique, but the layover would have to be during the day. Jurong is considered far from the airport by Singapore standards, but it’s not more than half an hour by taxi.

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