Had a pretty good weekend. I worked on Saturday at the bike shop. Just for one weekend. It was nice to come back and tho I didn’t sell any bikes, nothing had really changed in the past 6 months.

Saturday night, I went to a friend’s place in the city, where they had a big 2 day cookfest. We were making Timpano, the signature dish from the movie Big Night. Basically they were making everrything from scratch. Eugene had a pasta machine, and we had a huge factory line of people rolling out the pasta and other people using dowels to roll our own penne.

The timpano wasn’t actually served on Saturday, since all the pasta had to dry, but there was a delicious risotto that was served along with pesto noodles, made from another batch of pasta that we rolled. There’s Jeff in the photo with the longest noodles made that night. Our Chinese ancestors would be proud.

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