My old roomies and JT took me out to eat tonight. Now, I’m not religious or anything, but they are Christian. It’s never been an issue, but tonight I felt really touched. JT made a prayer before eating, and he prayed for God to watch over me in SF. It was really nice. Now usually, I don’t join in prayer, simply because I would just be some faker, but i couldn’t help saying, “Amen” tonight. Hrm.. isn’t that a bit self serving tho?

JT is off to taiwan tomorrow for a cultural exchange. Good luck and have fun out there man….

One thought on “Amen.”

  1. i think sometimes we all have moments where we stop and think about a “higher being” that may look over us. its not always in the form of prayer .. but sometimes it is.
    and thats ok. self serving? no matter what place youre in with friends or family … i think we always have a bit of selfish thought in us. and it doesnt have to be a bad thing. its natural. and normal.

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