Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Jeremy and Vince are working their way through Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. He’s a little bit young for Harry Potter, we’ve tried, he scares easily. We are trying to read more to Edda, but it’s hard to catch her at the right time. I love reading bedtime stories, but by the time Edda’s in her PJs with teeth brushed, she’s really exhausted and not up for reading much.

We spent today cleaning up, putting toys and laundry away. I wish I was more organized and did a little everyday, instead we wait until FEMA needs to come in and declare the house a disaster area before we put our minds to it an clean, clean, clean.

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  1. Now that I have emerged from reading Harry Potter, I can resume some blogstalking as your not-in-a-rut secret pal 🙂 Loved the fetchings a few posts back by the way!!

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