Edda – the sneak-meister.

Edda has figured out how to maximize her TV time. Unlike Brooklyn, Edda doesn’t really get her kicks from the Wiggles (they are OK, but not a favorite), she loves Blue’s Clues and Dora the Expl(horror).

She goes to bed at about 8, sleeps pretty well through the night (which is a blessed improvement from when she got up every night at 2 am for 1.5 hours for months), and gets up every morning at 5 am. One of us (usually Jeremy) takes her downstairs to watch Blue and we start our morning a little bit later.

By the time the school bus comes, she’s getting a bit tired again and once she’s at school, she’s asleep. Like pretty much the whole time. Then the bus brings her back home at lunch time, she’s perky again. Then today we went to OT and she’s totally sleepy again. Back home, wide awake. I can’t decide if she’s insanely smart to have figured out a way to avoid all this work. Grrr.


3 thoughts on “Edda – the sneak-meister.”

  1. Oops, hit the send button before spell check, again. Blue’s Clues is also O’s favorite. She despises Baby Einstein but loves Steve and Blue. Maybe because Blue looks like one of her beagles?! Mmm hmmm, I think so!

  2. For some reason I could not get my comment to post yesterday but I agree with Donald….she is super smart! Brooklyn likes Dora too but only watches it at the sitter’s (yeah for me!)

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