I am a-runnin’

Just came home from my first workout of my new running group. I’m trying to multi-task, meet people and workout at the same time. Donald, if you want to meet girls, join a beginning 5K running club – I’m telling you 80% women! Women galore!

Things are a bit crazy around here, job stuff in the background (BTB – behind the blog – hee hee), mainly Jeremy’s job stuff, but some of my stuff too. What happens when I find a job and I spend all my time working I won’t be able to blog about it because they would fire my sorry butt? What will I talk about, my commute? Oh, it could be blog entries about what I ate for lunch. I’m sure that would be captivating.

I haven’t been in the photo mood lately either. But I have this, a knitting blister.


4 thoughts on “I am a-runnin’”

  1. Good for you…joining a running group. That is what I need! I have to admit, I read your blog everyday sometimes more than once so I will miss the blogging when you go back to work…booooo!

  2. You’d better not stop blogging. I’ve become addicted to your words and pictures. Maybe you should take a writing course and become a writer. I’d buy your books and magazine articles.

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