Oh, lucky me!

My girlfriend Leslie came over for lunch and not only did I get to hold her daughter O. for a while so I could smell that yummy baby smell, I also got to ogle her new iPhone. Mmmmm.. I can tell why people love it so, it’s pretty slick.

Jeremy’s set up job central in the study. Donald’s six-year-old laptop has been coaxed out of retirement to help out in this time of need. Do you see the photo of me right above Jeremy’s head? It’s me circa 1986 – dig those Farrah bangs…


Edda keeps missing her school bus. I’m always just a few minutes late getting her out the door. I wish they would honk, but I’m sure they aren’t allowed to. I’m training Ruby to bark at large yellow buses.


Oh, and I think the mama bird died. She usually flies from the ceder bush whenever I open the front door, but she hasn’t for the past 2 days. I finally looked into the nest today, full of feathers and eggs, but no mom. I think someone ambushed her in her nest.


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  1. Re: the iphone we were visiting some folks in Colorado and this woman’s eyes just got huge when she was telling me about a book that sounded interesting. I pulled out my notepad from my purse and wrote down the title. Apparently she never sees anyone actually writing things down anymore. Totally cracked me up. My “palm pilot” is me writing a note on my hand!

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