Busy summer weekend.

Started at home with Pua pua visiting.


Then we went on a road trip to upstate NY to the other set of grandparents.

Rest stop action.


The next day, we explored Tivoli, NY. They have a new yarn shop (Fabulous Yarns, fabulously expensive and closed).


Ruby tried out the dog hitch in front of the post office.


Vince and Edda had loads of friends come over.



Kiki found this lawn croquet set.


Edda loved kicking the balls through the hoops.


Spent Sunday afternoon at the New Brunswick, NJ Rett Clinic. Saw some doctors and nutritionists, gave them all of Edda’s medical records. Met oodles of other girls with Rett Syndrome. Vince was great waiting in the waiting area for more than 4 hours.


Took over 6 hours to get home on 95, we got home at midnight. Did not learn our lesson, avoid 95 at all costs. Poor Ruby got to spend 12 hours in the back of our station wagon.



5 thoughts on “Busy summer weekend.”

  1. Love this blog today. I especially like the pix of you and Edda in front of the closed yarn shop. So cute. We’re staying at the fabulous Homestead Sutes where you guys stayed when you were here in Austin. I am SO Sorry you didn’t stay with us. It sorta stinky here. Oh well could be worse. Your pictures today made sure miss you folks.

  2. I loved the update! It looks like you all had a lot of fun playing. Vince was a tropper at the Rett Clinic too, good for him! I am glad to hear that you met some new families. Hope all is well! I adore the picture of Ruby,I have never seen a dog hitch before!

  3. I love the pictures! I just wanted to comment on how happy Edda looks in all of them! Do you guys seem to be past the constant crying? Isn’t it great when they smile so much!

  4. S – Oh, the Homestead suites, we do like it. it has a little kitchen. sorry you have a stinky room. hope you get to go home soon.

    K – isn’t the dog hitch hilarious?

    R – Edda is pretty happy these days. she cries pretty much only when tired/hungry or when we are making her do something she hates like hand over hand.

  5. Homestead! Noel and I stayed at homestead for 6 months in Denver. We had temporary job there and there is no apt will sign 6 months lease. With a little kitchen, we managed to have home cooking food most of time.

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