Hidden Costs of City Life.

I know Frank will like this post…

$300 increase in annual car insurance
$60 for annual parking permit
$20 in DMV forms to get parking permit
$250 for moving van
$500 in miscellaneous one time costs – shelves, router, etc.
$100 this week in gas.

not to mention
$400 increase in rent
long commute time.

Ha. I haven’t had much chance to explore the city yet. I think commuting by caltrain will be a bunch funner. 🙂 This weekend I’m off doing some races and rides, and next week is still unpacking and settling in. Sorry for the delays on the photos. I know some folks are interested. But. yeah. lame.

One thought on “Hidden Costs of City Life.”

  1. I am lways to find a place near office. Therefore, I do not have to drive too much. I did not have a car in China. My apartment is located behind office. Therefore, my walk to office and back were my regular excercises daily. It also save my travel time do other routing things or give me more time to sleep. I used metro often. I am the real environmentalist.

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