Nothing much continues.

A lot of the interesting stuff that is happening these days is job stuff which I know I’m not suppose to blog about in detail. But our days tend to go like this:

1. Wake up
2. Turn on TV for the kids
3. Try and make Vince eat something for breakfast – but he can’t eat in front of the TV even though it’s on. I know, tough.
4. Drive Vince to camp.
5. Computer/phone/paperwork time (9 am – 3:30 pm) or playing online Scrabble if fed up with job prospects or celebrating a nice email or phone call from a person who might give us money in exchange for some labor. (Jeremy celebrates with a fruit Popsicle and researching electronic gadgetry on the web and I indulge with a useless trip to Target – window shopping only.)
6. Some therapy appointments for Edda.
7. Get Vince.
8. Eat dinner.
9. Go to bed.

Nothing exciting, we are still unemployed and unpaid. (Notice TV never turns off, we have gone over to the dark side.)

Look, I put on some office clothes today.


I look 3 months pregnant in this outfit and what’s with the bohemian bag with the leather briefcase? Sigh. I need to find me some fashion sense.

3 thoughts on “Nothing much continues.”

  1. is that bag my moms? .. its so familiar … and d, you look great! there are no kids in the picture and no stains on your clothes. give yourself more credit!!!! going to job interviews always weird me out where i think i don’t look like i belong to whever im applying … but you already look like an employee. <3

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