Secret Pal revealed.

So my secret pal is Carrie, over at We Do Not Have A Knitting Problem. Now that is a real knitting blog. Lots of projects and yarn and crafty goodness. Thank you for being such a great sock pal. I must endeavor to knit more and post more photos of knitting.

I went downtown for another job interview.


Look at this light in Union Station. Just beautiful. I think the outfit is not bad. The pants could be hemmed a tad, or I could suck it up and wear higher heels.

It was one of the hardest interviews I’ve ever done. I’m usually pretty good at interviews but this one was a doozy. A panel of 5 people and a list of 20 formal questions. I’m not sure I got this job, but at least I got to spend time in a beautiful old building.


3 thoughts on “Secret Pal revealed.”

  1. Washington DC is one of the good areas to settle down, I think. Mom and I like west coast home a lot, just different. We may look at south for winter too.

  2. Whoa! Five people doing an interview. That is so intimidating. I could never do an interview like that and not throw up. You go girl.

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