Tiring weekend…

It was a good weekend filled with with activity and riding. My legs are tired, but happy to have done better than I expected to. We had a big group out for Tour de Peninsula. It was super cold and I had left my arm warmers in my car. It was overcast, misty. I swear. I spent more energy trying to stay warm than I did, riding my bike.

Oh today. I also commuted on Caltrain for the first time! It wasn’t too bad. 15 minutes to the SF station. Tho it was all downhill. I’m guessing the way back will be like 30. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Tiring weekend…”

  1. I forgot how to publish my stuff. Therefore, I write on comments section.

    I am staying at Courtyard. Go swimming everyday. Eat out all the time at McDonalds or Oliver Garden. I had few days without car and Chinese Cafe delivered few days. I still like my own cooking.

    They gave me one-month stay at hotel and next 6 months be on per diem.

  2. 🙂 Hi mom, glad you have things settled. To post, look at the upper right hand side of the blog page, make sure you are signed in and you should see a link that says “new post”. just click on that and you should be able to post.

  3. I am scheduled to see Mom during Labor Day long weekend by flying. A week after that, I am going to deliver Mom’s car from Aiken, SC to Boston by driving starting Thursday late afternoon. I will stop by Sheets Farm and pick up additional stuff that Mom likes to have. After that, I will flying back to Baltimore from Providence, RI on Sunday, get home, pick up my Vibe and drive it back to Aiken, SC 🙂 To get ready to work on Monday morning.

  4. If it is too much, I will ask Jeremy’s help to deliver the car for the last leg, from DC to Boston. But, I like to see Rena. So don’t know yet 🙂

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