Cooking your way out of a funk.

We feel much better today. I walked a little bit outside in the beautiful weather. Jeremy spent all afternoon chopping, dicing, mixing, boiling and spicing making the most fabulous Indian dinner – all vegetarian to boot! The dishes included aloo gobi, a cauliflower dish much mentioned in the highly entertaining movie Bend it Like Beckham. In the film, the mom wants her daughter to give up playing soccer and learn to make aloo gobi like a proper Indian woman.


I am wrapping up my duties as a stay-at-home mom because as of Monday I join the masses in the morning commute. I just have a few more of Edda’s therapy sessions that I can personally attend. I really enjoy watching Edda’s relationship with her therapists grow as well as my own fondness for people who are dedicated (and patient) in finding the best in Edda and nurturing her skills and talents.


Yes, she’s not thrilled about the tape on her hands, but she can push it, especially on the linoleum.

3 thoughts on “Cooking your way out of a funk.”

  1. Enjoy your last few “commute free” days! I love when you post therapy pictures. There is currently a big debate at my house about keeping Brooklyn’s hands on her gait trainer. I have to admit tape had not been discussed yet.

  2. Can I please come to your house for dinner. PLEASE. Jeremy should open his own restaurant. He is amazing. Get Doris’ mom in there to cook to and it will be 5 star all the way.

  3. HI doris,

    This is Nita( Anushka’s mom) I meet you at RETT conference in Atlanta. I am also from Maryland.

    Nice to see you are enjoying Indian food, would love to cook for you guys one day.

    See you .


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