Dad and Edda

There is no denying that my father and Edda share some sort of special bond. Yesterday, Dad arrived at home while Edda was napping. When she awoke, I carried her downstairs and as I carried her in my arms down the stairs, cradled like a baby, my father (whose voice is deep and carries a long distance) whooped a greeting and in an instant I could see recognition in Edda’s face. Without even seeing my father, a broad grin spread across her face, a light from within.

3 thoughts on “Dad and Edda”

  1. It was a great pleasure to be with Vince and Edda This morning, before I left, Vince picked up my medicine from the refrigerator to make sure that I had them before leaving.

    It was also pleasant surprise to find out that Edda was improving a lot, though still having a long way to go. But, nevertheless, she is improving.

    I am also very happy to have Mom with me at Aiken, SC after 8 months of separation.

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