Kid trade off.

Tonight Jeremy wanted to go to a Haverford beer night, so he met me at the train station and we switched kids and cars. The kids were already fed and burped. I just needed to sit Vince through 4 pages of homework. Normally, it’s one page a night – handed out on Monday and due Friday, but we lost his homework and we had to get a new copy.

I’m really enjoying my job so far, there is a lot to learn and understand. I started with a bunch of people from all different stages in life, there are moms, young just married people, folks over 50, kids just out of school and sleeping on slowly deflating air mattresses. Also people from anywhere and everywhere. It’s fun.

The commute goes pretty quickly and I made it to the gym the second day in a row. I’m a little angst-ridden about my camera, I want to bring it everywhere, but it’s pretty big and I’m not sure what I want to take photos of during my day.

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