Relaxed weekend.

Edda at breakfast.


We finally installed the safety gates at the top of the stairs so we don’t have to leave Edda trapped in her room if no one else is upstairs.


Ripped up newspaper for our new worm composting system. Now we only have to get the worms…


Vincent on his way to Chinese school. Note not only his green sunglasses, but a whole bag of moon cakes. It’s not only Yom Kippur, it’s also Moon Festival time.


Vince striking a pose (with his teacher) during Chinese school. He’s explaining to his class in a hilarious mix of English and Chinese all the members of our family.


Moon cakes all around.


Sunday night dinner!



6 thoughts on “Relaxed weekend.”

  1. Happy to know that you had a relaxed weekend. Good to know the gates are installed.

    Happy moon cake day. It is tomorrow night. The moon is the most beautiful at that night.

  2. Hi Rebecca – Hee hee, we aren’t brave, she slept in her clothes from the day before.

    Sheila – a moon cake is a circular dessert about 4 inches in diameter and about 1 inch thick. It’s filled with lotus paste and usually one or more egg yolks, fully formed and suspended in the middle of the paste. The paste is really thick, the texture of fudge and the whole thing is enclosed in some breading. It’s yucky and it’s to celebrate the Autumn Moon festival. Look outside, it’s a full moon!

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