Laff. Well that was the biggest earthquake I’ve been thru. Probably the largest one since back in… 1999 at work. laff. All our friends are instantly online chatting away about it. Apparently Choon and Pei-Sun’s cats were running all over the place. Laff. At least this time I had enough sense to stand under a doorway.

Updated: Here’s a smattering of status updates from my friends on facebook:

– A is intrigued by how the earthquake “passed” through the house.
– B is glad there haven’t been any aftershocks…and hopes she didn’t just jinx it.
– C is still woozy from the earthquake.
– D is living in earthquake country. Rockin’ and rollin’.
– E is freaked out by the quake she just felt…
– F is surprised by the strength of the earthquake.
– G is amused by the reaction of everyone in the library during the earthquake.
– H is startled after a 5.6 earthquake!

Of course, the most amusing one was done 30 minutes ago and the only non earthquake related status update in the last 2 hours:

– J is searching for a left triple STI shifter [bike part].

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