Jeremy rode his bike to the Metro today. I know all you folks out there who commute to work without a car might poo-poo Jeremy’s effort, but keep in mind that we live in the ‘burbs – a place built for carpooling and everyone is really spread out – there isn’t even a sidewalk on both sides of the street where we live.

It took Jeremy 30 minutes get to the subway and he did it by careful analysis of Google maps to eliminate crossing of large 6-lane intersections. Pretty impressive since I go through at least 10 of these intersections on my own early morning drive to the Metro.

This weekend we went to the Solar Decathlon. These are solar power houses, all off the grid and they have ten contests that they compete in – such as being able to wash 12 towels a day, keeping the temperature/humidity in the house constant, being able to take hot showers in a timely manner, charge up a car and drive it to work. Pretty nifty.

This was my favorite from the outside. Good use of an orange shipping container.


Here’s MIT’s.


(It’s not orange and it looks like a bunch of engineers designed it. Sigh.)

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  1. The Solar event sounds so cool. It always featured in Dwell mag and I’ve always wanted to go. Was the orange one UT home? Way to go Jeremy. I rode my bike this morning as the weather is now only 80 degrees with 50% humidity. I’m hoping fall is on the way. And soon, my pumpkins are starting to mold from the heat!

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