I remember being in elementary school.

Having Vince in the same school system as the one I grew up in really makes me think fondly of my own childhood. His school is pretty new, but the design is the same as my own elementary school, the stage is the same, the cafeteria is the same – well, it’s not exactly true, everything seems a lot smaller to me now. I even remember using the same headphones to listen to stories when I was a kid.


One thought on “I remember being in elementary school.”

  1. Vince is so cute. Joshua is so big now. A “pre-teen” which is such a dorky word. What that means is that he’s sometimes sweet and lovely like Vince and Edda are right now and then suddenly adolescent rears it’s ugly head with no warning. It is very strange to be living with him right now. At least he isn’t telling me to turn down the stereo as much.

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