Midweek Update

I’ts been a tiring couple of weeks. Work has picked up quite a bit and there’s some pressure to move into the true production phase of our project. We’re interviewing some people, and I generally dislike the entire interview process. It’s way too much pressure to measure up to when I’m on the other end of it. It can be a pretty demoralizing process. I don’t like being on the receiving end of it, so I generally don’t like being on the giving end of it either.

Socially, I’ve picked up a new crowd of friends in the city. Looks like there’s a core contigent of Andrew, Christina, Ann, Stan and I. It’s pretty nice. We go salsa dancing together. Last night we played bridge at Christina’s. I must say that everyone there is a total foodie. So much so that I feel pretty inadequate, cause everytime I go over to someone’s house, there’s a 5 course brunch or homemade random desserts – yes, desserts, plural. Last night Christina made a chocolate cake and freakin’ sugar donut holes. Yeah, like home fried in a vat of oil. Andrew made some cinnamon scones. And this was a non-food focused night. Sigh.

Here’s an MIT related news bit. Those Wellesly chicks. 😛 jk.

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