Leaving South Carolina

Since we are leaving South Carolina, we visited a lot of places as planned before leaving. We visited Charleston (SC), Myrtle Beach (SC), Outer Banks (NC) & Blue Ridge Parkway (SC & NC).
Yesterday, weather was very nice and we visited Clemson University. Too bad, it was their home coming football game. A lot of people and it was difficult to find a parking spot. Luckily, after lunch, originally we just wanted to drive around. But, acccidentally, we found a spot for parking very close to the main campus. So, we had a chance just to walk around.
While resting, we sat next to one of their Presidents – Mr. Cox. He served Clemson for 30 years and was credited to expand this agricultural university originally into a major school in the South East.
Mr. Clemson was a noted researcher and scenitist before he founded this university on land owned by his father-in-law and using his name. Smart guy in relationship and business too 🙂

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