Stick shift.

Jeremy has always owned a stick shift car. Over the course of the last decade, I’ve tried to learn to drive stick and I have learned (somehow in 3 different Jeremy-owned cars – all Hondas), but I’m always a bit nervous and hesitant and always preferred the more convenient (there is always something you need to do with a free non-shifting hand – cell phone, eating, makeup, nose picking) atmosphere of my automatic.

Lately it’s caused some problems in terms of switching cars/dropping kids off and picking kids up. So I’m determined this time to make it stick (ha ha, get it? STICK! I’m so funny.) So I’m driving Jeremy’s car to the subway every day this week. I’m parking far, far away from the other cars for some extra maneuvering area.

I’m loving my job. In many ways, it’s a perfect fit.

My parents were in town last weekend. We went down to the river to throw some sticks (get it? STICKS!) for Ruby.


2 thoughts on “Stick shift.”

  1. My dad would never let us drive car until we could change a tire, change our own oil, and drive a stick. Now I drive an automatic, go to Jiffy Lube, and call Scott or AAA if i have a flat. Still I never respected a man that couldn’t drive a shift. Such a hypocite I am. You go with that stick girl.

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