Sunday outings.

We walked in the woods and performed the sleeping-haircut routine. We are not good hairdressers. You know, first it slants up one way and then you try and fix it and then it slants the other way and pretty soon, you have bangs that are an inch long. Thankfully we avoided the urge to overfix.


Ruby lived out her duck-retrieval fantasies by fetching a stick from the water. She’s a retriever who only fetches sticks in water. Throw a ball in a field? Totally uninterested.



See? The haircut isn’t too bad.


In the evening, Vince’s school had a pizza party/picnic. We finally got to meet his best-est friend. They are so cute together!


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  1. I used to do the very same thing. Cut one side and then wait or try to roll Josh over and do the other side. Necessity is the mother of invention.

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