Who is going to take care of Edda?


I know, I know, lots of people end up finding great care for their special needs kids while they work – it just looks a little discouraging right now.

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  1. This is so hard. My son is 13 and it is STILL an issue. Actually , its more of an issue since at 5’10” he can’t go to daycare with the 22 month olds who are his peers in many other ways.

    Sending out helpful vibes and good wishes for you.

  2. Doris,
    I think that as special needs moms this is one of our TOUGHEST issues. It is hard to find GOOD care for “regular” kids. Ours have extra medicine, therapy, diaper changes well past 3 and oh yea my daughter can’t talk to you to tell you what she wants or what hurts, do you want the job? We have been very lucky that our sitter has stuck with us since Brooklyn was 9 weeks old. She has actually talked about being an aid in the school Brooklyn will be attending. Man…I wish you guys lived here. I would LOVE to help out with Edda. I am on your blog so much I feel like I know her! Hang in there Doris (and Jeremy!) I will be praying that someone very special come along to help you all!

  3. Dear Doris,
    Do you think you can find an au pair? When I was lived at Denmark, we had an au pair, it cost USD400 per month, she had au pair visa, do the simple cleaning job and looking after Natasha (that time she was only 1 year old and I had to go to work)weekend off, she can only stay in Denmark for 2 years. I wonder if you can do the same as me.

    P.S. evertime when Natasha saw Edda photos here, she will point it and talk talk talk, then when your son’s photos show out, a lot of wet kiss on the computer! I think she miss them a lot!

  4. discouraging yes! When we went to full time care over the summer, the daycare we were at said they couldn’t do it anymore…I would suggest calling your local ARC and seeing what suggestions they might have. Hang in there…Something will come up, and when it does you know it will be because the person really cares for Edda!

  5. The ARc is a good suggestion. You might also hit the school where Vince goes and try to talk with teachers and aids in the Sp. Ed rooms. Just start passing the word at almost any situation. If possible, pay well and be willing to let them bring in their own sp. needs child. If you can afford to pay above average you’ll keep people longer and get better quality. I have two friends who needed an extra income but could not work because of not being able to find childcare for their own sp. needs child. They ended up taking in a sp. needs child inaddition to their own. They found them through their older kids kindergarten class. So far, this has been a very good setup for both families.

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