Oh Christmas tree!

Things are very exciting around here. Jeremy’s unpaid gig has been a lot of fun, but what is even more fun is that he’s starting a paid gig in the new year. The unpaid-ness of the old gig gave us the flexibility to get everyone used to our babysitter because he could bail on the unpaid gig at anytime and rush home in case of a kid-related mishap, but our sitter has worked out beautifully!

I’m really enjoying my job and getting into the groove. We are less involved with the kids’ schools, but it’s what it has to be for now to pull off our plan of actually moving out of my parents’ house some day. Um, what else? Oh yes, Christmas is coming soon and we are getting that festivus feeling.

The tree was up 2 weekends ago. Do you see the license plate hanging from the tree? From an old Toyota that Jeremy was driving when I first met him – ah, that little car had something like 20 horsepower.


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