We have been keeping the thermostat at 66F during the day in an effort to save some money on the heating bill which I know is going to be heartbreaking no matter what we do. Everyone has on thick sweaters and toasty winter slippers except Ruby who tries to find a sunny spot to sleep in.

At 5 pm I could stand it no longer and I cranked the heat up to a balmy 70F. Within 30 minutes, Vince was watching the Muppets Take Manhattan in the nude and I was walking around in my bare feet enjoying the tropical temperatures in the house.

Sadly, now it’s 8:30 pm and the downstairs thermostat has clicked in to its nighttime setting of 50F. Brrr, I gotta get upstairs under the blankets.

3 thoughts on “Thermostat.”

  1. Since the house is well insolated, I do not think low temperature will save you too much. The heating added is for the heat lost. If set few degrees higher, the only differece is the initial heat input.

    Make sure the windows are closed properly and it is very hard to seal the fireplce where the hot air leaks a lot.

  2. We usually keep our house at 64 during the day (we all wear hats inside!)…but sometimes yeah…a short heat splurge is in order. Yours sounded fun and delicious!

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