Here is a photo from the day Edda was born. I am trying to get some good latching going.


I waited a few weeks to actually write this down, but after over 3.5 years, Edda is finally weaned. I never, ever, thought in a million bazillion years thought I would nurse this long, but what can I say? Edda liked it and who was I to tell her that she needed to give it up? Edda was always a very efficient nurser – gulp, gulp, gulp – 10 minutes every 3-4 hours and she turned out to be a fat, fat baby. Vincent, he would suckle for hours and drive me up the wall and people constantly would ask if he was getting enough milk. Hey, it’s still kind of like that now with the regular food. Can’t nail Vince down to the dinner table, but Edda will sit and eat for an hour without stopping.

Finally, since June of 2001, I don’t have have a little parasite either living in me or sucking the life out of me. Whew.

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