American Girls…

Sundance has been pretty fun. There has been a rash of celebrity sightings. Personally, I’ve seen Dennis Quaid, Isabella Rosellini, and Emily Blunt. One of my friends ate sushi and sat a table away from Jessica Alba. All the guys were pretty jealous tho personally I dont think she is all that.

In terms of movies, my favorite has been the documentary, up the Yangtze. It featured the lives of these two young folks working on a three gorges tour boat that caters to foriegn tourists and a family tyt is forced to adapt to the changing landscape that the dam brings. It was extremely well done striking many themes of how china is coping with modernization. I highly recommend it. And it’ll be picked up too.

The other movie I liked was Sunshine Cleaning featuring Amy Adams. It is about these two sisters who start a business cleaning up crime scenes. Of course Amy Adams makes half the film for me but it is still a prettyfun movie

other updates. Someone snarfed my ski poles at the airport but I managed to find a really cheap pair at the slopes. I left my goggles in a friend’s car the last ski trip ski had to buy another pair. So I’m spending a bit more money than I intended to on this trip but it has been good overall. Today we saw like 3-6″ of new snow so it was a powder day.

Two more movies and it is back to SF!

“If I made you cry, please tell me why. I’ll try again if you’ll let me try.”

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