For Your Information There’s an Inflammation in My Tear Gland.

Laff. My love-life has been kinda funny lately. There seems to be a revolving door of women that follows the same pattern. We both are interested in getting to know each other, ramp up a bit, go out on a date or two and then it fizzles. Last night, another one fizzled as we both decided to “just be friends”.

Generally, I’m okay with it. That’s what dating is I guess. Some missed connections. Some good times. It does take a decent amount of effort and it honestly stressed me out a bit. So maybe it’s time to take a short break from dating. Hopefully the weather will get a little better and I’ll pick up my bike again. I think she’s getting lonely.

Of course. there are more important issues in the world to consider…

7 thoughts on “For Your Information There’s an Inflammation in My Tear Gland.”

  1. This type of thing is hard to predict. Mom and Dad just had one short conversation while we were in college for almost two years. Just like a pair of Chinese words called “Wan Fen” – destined. We finally met and …

    Keep going and “wan fen” will come naturally 🙂

    Happy Chinese New Year!

  2. keep up, find some one with similar background. or a graduate student from Standford is also be a good matech. Good luck! How about our classmates daughter?

    Love, mom

  3. Life itself is full of un-expected, some of them are really joyful, some aren’t.

    But, in the long run with all these unexpected, strange enough, it is predictable in a way, right out of this randomness.

    Stepping back (to have a larger angle of perspective) for a while and planning ahead (for better execution) are always helpful.

    Rather will happen later prepared than earlier. Keeping up and love always 🙂 noel

  4. Men & women are different. In a man’s life, there are three women: mother, wife and daughter. In old days, mother and daughter can not get alone since both would like to have the attention from same man. But now days this case is very few now. Right now, all mothers would like their kids to have a happy marriage and healthy family. Good luck! Love, mom

  5. Good marriage and family are not free or come naturally. Just like everything else in the world, there is a price to pay and a lot of conflicts to be resolved before harvesting its wonderful fruits of togetherness.

    For example, without a nod from Mom, it is absolutely a “no-no” for me. And vise versa for her also.

    Looking forward without dwelling on my childhood experience always helps me alot. Besides, I am always very grateful for grand parents insistence on my education.

    love, dad

  6. don … don’t refer to your bike as female, man.

    and chin up. it’s impossible to meet anyone in the winter. SF included.

    spring is on the way …

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