Rainy and Nasty.

Well, as everyone probably knows, the weather in SF has been horrible for the past week or so. Gale force winds on Friday brought in 4 inches of rain and brought down trees and branches all over the city. It was a mess. The city is still not even remotely close to being clean…

Last night, I was feeling really unmotivated to return home. I had been biking in nastiness all week. The return trip home meant biking in the cold. In the rain. At night. Up a large hill. For the Nth time this week. I just sat in my office sorta gathering my will and strength to mentally prepare myself.

But mentally prepare myself I did. But as I was packing up to leave, I had an “Oh Shit!” moment. I had forgotten my headlamp at home. It was 8pm. It was dark. And cold. And rainy. GRRRRRR!!! No my motivation is really in the dumps and I’m feeling blue. I tried calling Arif, since he lives close to my work, to see if I could bum a ride and a place to sleep, but no cigar. Voicemail. My mood swung further south.

I managed to limp my way to the closest train station. (It’s only down the street, and it’s fairly lighted, so no worries) From there I called all my friends in the city begging for a ride. I’m not about to ride 4 miles home in the dark in the city! Stan – nope. He was in South Bay. Christina – voicemail. Mai-Sie – voicemail. Hrm… I look in my pocket and I have about 15 bucks. Is that enough for a cab? Barely? I was unsure.

In the end, Mai-Sie called me back about 10 minutes into the train ride and she gave me a ride home from the train station. Christina also ended up calling me once I got to SF also, and offered me a ride too, but Mai-Sie was on her way already. I went home, moved my car (good thing I didn’t stay at Arif’s or I would have gotten a parking ticket today), took a HOT shower, and made myself some yummy from scratch pancakes (Thanks Ann.), bacon, and a tall glass of milk. My mood was better knowing that I have some people I can count on in a pinch. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Rainy and Nasty.”

  1. Donald this is such a nice blog. If you lived here in Austin, Scott or I would come and get you anytime. But it would be the cedar allergy count that would keep you inside. It looks like smoke blowing off the trees. Hang in there. Sounds like you’ve got the rainy day blues and that is so understandable. That type of weather for so long is just such a bummer. I don’t know how people in Seattle and Oregon do it. Your dinner sounded great BTW.

  2. Donald, we have lots of friends in SF area. I am sure that they would like to help you.

    It is nice to live near office. Right now we only have to drive 4 miles. It is pretty convenient. Find a place near office next time.

  3. I usually stack away some money for the emergency, inside the car, in a secret eveloped somewhere. Sometimes, I even forgot myself where they were. Btw, some cab will take credit card.

    Well, you have a lot friends in that area. It is great! Most the computer work is out there too. I am thinking it is about time to settle down there 🙂 Sounds like your Mom, right? Btw, Mom has a lot of her boy friends asking about you 🙂

    love always!

  4. Sheila, yup. just some rainy blues. I’m over it. Of course I’ve drove to work 2 days now. 🙂 Ha.

    Dad – Mom has a lot of boyfriends? wow.

  5. Donald,

    I do have a lot of friends who are boys but not the “boy friends” as your time. Since all my classmates are boys, most of my freinds definitely are boys.

    I never stay with any other boys except your father. Ask him.

    All my friends like you to know their available daughters since they know your Mom well.

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