Restroom Meditations.

Well, I was sitting in the bathroom stall today on campus, and there’s the usual assortment of sexual innuendoes written on the wall. The kind that you would expect to find in pretty much every bathroom stall across the country. Of course there were other more helpful tips like, “Don’t forget to drop your kids off at school” or “Mike Gravel ’08”. But it got me thinking… was this kind of drawl unique to men’s bathrooms? What do women write on the stalls of their bathrooms? Inquiring minds…

2 thoughts on “Restroom Meditations.”

  1. Mom can answer that. I just went into lady’s room once by mistake. Afterward, I found I was in the wrong place. I should notice that before hand. Everything was just different. Quite embarrassing!

  2. I did not pay much attention to bathroom stuff. I went many McDonald places. There are no nothing written on. I guess men and women are different.

    Doris, do you see any in those places?

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