One thought on “Rett Sydrome Awareness.”

  1. I love your blog. Jeremy sent me the link. Because of it, I made the biology of Rett Syndrome the subject of my Advanced Biology classes (at Standrew’s School in Delaware) today. We have been studying the regulation of gene expression, and so, when I read about the molecular basis of Rett Syndrome, and the recent success with reversing it in mice, I dicided it would be a great way to engage my students and raise their awareness. I shared a bit of Edda’s story by projecting justregularfolks posts in my class. In a classroom it makes all the difference in the world to be able to show pictures and details of daily life when trying to reach students. I am posting to let you know that your resolution to do more about Rett Syndrome Awareness is working. Dozens of people in Delaware are learning about it thanks to your blog. I feel like you really helped me teach my classes today.

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