Mike Huckabee called!

So much political campaigning happening here! The Potomac primaries are happening tomorrow in MD, VA and DC and there is so much more excitement here than I have ever seen in my entire life as a Marylander. We had Clinton and Obama supporters wearing their allegiances while riding the Metro as well as enthusiastic sign holders at the exit of the Metro as I got out to go home. These campaigners are determined, it is freaking cold and windy today! Mike Huckabee kept warm by staying inside and calling. He left a message on the machine. We spent dinner trying to figure out the other races besides the presidential one, there is a local school board seat up for grabs (there are 2 nice candidates so we had to read about each one) and also various delegates which for some strange reason are separated by gender (vote for 4 girls and 4 boys). I’m going to bed and tomorrow I’m going to go vote!

One thought on “Mike Huckabee called!”

  1. Well we’ve been in Taos New Mexico skiing so I just read all the past weeks blogs. Wow you guys sure do alot in a short period of time. BTW-Michael Vick is the bad dog hurting football player. He’s serving time in jail and payed almost a million dollars for the rehab of the surviving dogs. It is very cool about the Rhett conference. I am very happy that Edda is doing so well. Thrift store hint I have is to use your hands to measure Jeremy’s neck and sleeves. Things shrink has been my experience. I think I’m a year of the rat too, 1962. Keep up the good writing.

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