Target run.

Target is my favorite store. When I am blue, I go to Target; when I am happy, I go to Target. This weekend we went to Target to stock up the pantry because the cupboard is bare. Vince is clutching a LEGO set and a twenty dollar bill given to him by Pua Pua for Chinese New Year. Edda is happy that the shopping is almost over, she looks really slim in this photo even with the horizontal stripes on her shirt. I am enamored by the Target house brand. In our cart you will find Target brand diapers, shaving cream, dishwasher powder, wipes and “Ziploc” bags.


6 thoughts on “Target run.”

  1. Ahhhh Target….

    And I don’t know about your neck of the woods but around here Skinny Cows are much cheaper at Target than the grocery store. And if you’ve never had Skinny Cows I highly suggest picking up a pack next trip!

  2. I love Skinny Cow and Target. But all the stuff overwhelms me. I know what to get Doris for her birthday now. A target gift card! But what about Vince?

  3. I LOVE TARGET! The sad thing is that the closest one is 45 minutes fro mme. Which my husband likes! That is way too far for my liking! I have never tried Skinny cows, I better though with the rave reviews on here!

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