Edda is feeling better.

After 3 days on antibiotics, Edda feels much, much better.


Here are a few of the many, many photos of Edda mouthing. She’s mouthing up a storm this morning, which means she’s back to her perky old self. For a long time after we got the Rett Syndrome diagnosis, everytime the mouthing decreased, I’d get all excited that the mouthing would be ending and she could do the hand clapping or wringing instead, which is much less slobbery than the mouthing, but it always meant that she was on the verge of being sick for days. (You can also observe Jeremy’s bad haircut.)



3 thoughts on “Edda is feeling better.”

  1. Glad Edda is feeling better. Doris, those pictures are so familiar to us. Caitlyn is the same with her mouthing, right down to holding the hand up to her mouth! We find that if we brace one arm, the mouthing greatly decreases. Caitlyn needs that “support” hand to successfully “eat” her fingers..just a thought. And again, yippy for feeling better!

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