Good morning!

Well, I guess I have cat on the brain these days. I had a really weird dream about them cats last night. I kept thinking Winston and Toro were romantically involved somehow. There was this big drama, but I forget the details.

Anyhow, I know I’m posting a lot about the cats, but I think Pei-Sun would want to know how they are doing. I think Toro hates me, probably because I skipped her first meal. I didn’t the we started off on the right footing there. Whenever she has to walk by me, she slinks to the far corner and runs by me. Hrm… But I supose she doesn’t hate me all that much, cause when I woke up today, I wokr up to that: Toro was curled up right on top of me. 🙂

Oh also, I’ve moved the feed bag. I don’t think I closed the closet door very well, and the cats have gotten into the feed twice now.

One thought on “Good morning!”

  1. Hi Donald,

    Thanks for the post. It’s great to be able to get an update of the cats even in Taiwan airport.

    Don’t worry about Toro, it will take time. She is a she… got to take your time. Looks like she is sleep on the bed again, that’s a good start already.


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