All quiet on the blogging front.

Twice this week, I fell asleep at 9pm. I really feel the need to get a proper eight hours of sleep during the work week, it leaves very little time for blogging in the evening.

I’m not sure what I am doing with my little blog anymore, I’m at a little bit of a loss on what to blog about, so much of my life is wrapped up in little details at work, child care, keeping up with the house, there isn’t so much “action” to blog about. Also, I haven’t been in the photo taking mood, I guess it’s just a lull, it will pick up soon.

Today Jeremy and I spoke with an au pair from Germany, who hopefully will have a chance to check out this blog tonight or tomorrow (hi!). Jeremy is a whiz at telephony, he figured out a calling card and how to conference my office phone and the call to Germany.


One thought on “All quiet on the blogging front.”

  1. Life is full of un-excited details. Even when kids are all grown up, more details will certainly follow. Taking time off from details is much more enjoyable than drifting around all the time.

    I can tell Edda loves her Uncle Donald.

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