Au pair.

We matched with an au pair! She’s from Germany and has experience with special needs kids. We spoke with her on two occasions last weekend and I guess we both had good impressions of each other and so we’ve agreed to live with each other for a year. What an adventure-y adventure we are about to embark on.

During the first phone call, she mentioned that she plays handball 3 times a week and after we got off the phone with her, Jeremy and I debated what exactly handball is. I argued it was like water polo without the water. Jeremy insisted it was like racquetball without the racquet. We mentioned to her on the 2nd phone call that it would be hard to find a local handball team since no one in the US (except for the 14 people that make up the Olympic team) plays handball. She laughed and said it was OK to not play handball for a while.


6 thoughts on “Au pair.”

  1. Hope she is the one that you are looking for. I thought these days anyone under 30 is … 🙂 Just don’t let her burn down the house 🙂 Anything else is rescueable 🙂

  2. Hope it works. Especially she can take care of kids and look after Edda.

    Babysitter is a problem. I had lots of experiences on this subject.

  3. Handball is huge here in Austin. I think it is really hard to play. UT has many, many courts that is really hard to reserve. Bet there are clubs there too. All the au pairs I’ve met here have been fantastic!

  4. My brother and sister-in-law had a fabulous au pair from Germany for their son with special needs about four years ago. She stayed a year but has come back to visit once or twice, and they are still in regular contact with her!

    I believe there are places to play handball in Richmond and in Herndon if that is close to you?

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