Driving to work

Last week, Jeremy had a 2 day conference about 3 miles from my work. In order to take advantage of the HOV lanes, we decided to carpool. I’ve never driven to work, it takes me between 1h15m and 1h30m door to door and I do hear whisperings about people making it to work in 45 minutes and I wonder if I’m wasting my time taking public transit.

We did the drive together and the only place that there are HOV lanes is at the 270/495 interchange and it didn’t buy us that much time. I think I could save about 15 minutes by driving, but it’s a lot of stop and go and all over aggravating – also, it’s more expensive and worse for the environment, so I’m pleased with my Metro decision!

Jeremy checking the oil before our epic cross-county commute.


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