My Office and Work.

My training at work is almost over. I get to move out of the training area cubicles and into a real office. I went looking for my new office found it today – it has my name on the outside of the door like I really belong there and am contributing a bit. I am a little sad that my training is over, I really like being in school. I would love to be a student forever.

I pulled this photo from another flickr user, this is what my office looks like – but I have a roommate and no window. I do have the space age chair, the brown furniture and the massive printer. And oh yes, I have will have all the random sheets of paper taped to the wall. Somehow the person who took this photo managed to crop out the huge twin monitors that make up the standard computer setup in the office.

One thought on “My Office and Work.”

  1. Life itself is a “real school” in a sense, in which constant learnings and others are part of. No escape.

    And there are associated rewards and/or prices to pay 🙂

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