I think Edda’s starting to have seizures. I have always put “seizures” in quotation marks because I am the Queen of Denial and I think, oh, she can still drink water, she is still looking around, it’s not a seizure, it’s just a hiccup, a little bump in the road, she’s daydreaming! But I have to admit now that – even though she’s having episodes only every 2-3 days – I think something is going funky in her noodle. All her teachers see it, all her therapists see it, I don’t see it so much because perhaps I’m in denial. So I asked around and found a recommended doc and we are going to see her.

This is what I predict – 24 hr EEG and then medicate with Depakote if we want. The appointment is in a month, we will see if my prediction is right.

(I love diagnosing a la the internet. I’ve been having some jaw pain over the past few weeks, I typed in “hurts to open my mouth wide” and I found out I have temporomandibular joint disorder! Who needs the doctor!)

A few notes:

I’ve decided that waking up at 4 am is for the birds, I’m back to my waking up at 5 am and if I don’t make my 40 hours at work, I’m taking vacation.

We didn’t get the house we put a bid on – they wanted more $, we wanted to pay less $. You know how it goes. I am kind of relieved.

A few great articles to remind myself that great medical miracles can happen everyday.

Gene therapy for childhood blindness in first clinical trial. This I am excited about because they use a viral vector to insert healthy genes into retina cells which were unable to function correctly and it works! They can see better.

A Child, a Bizarre Tumor and a Perilous Operation. This is completely not genetically related, it’s a surgical solution for a tricky brain tumor, but I just love stories of little girls (and their amazing doctors, didn’t I just say who needs a doctor?) triumphing over seizure disorders.

Classic Edda move. This is how she goes from standing to sitting on the floor, she sits on the couch and then oddles down to the floor.


2 thoughts on “Fairness.”

  1. Denial, what can you do but just cross that river when you get to it. Love the picture of the flowers and of Edda oodling down the couch. Love the word oodle

  2. Entering the world of seizures isn’t fun at all. Depakote can be a pretty harsh medication, if they suggest that first try hard for something else. It can cause a lot of zoning. Best of luck with it all, and I hope you guys like the new doctor.

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