Feeling much better.

I am feeling much better this morning, just in time for Mother’s Day. Yesterday I went to work and finished up some things which, of course, took more time than I thought it would. Also, Emy came by train from NY to help babysit on Monday and I picked her up from Union Station which I consider a great accomplishment on my part because I dislike intensly driving into downtown where one way streets abound, the traffic lights are on the corners and not hanging overhead, and I don’t know my way around and I haven’t yet splurged on a GPS system which I think is so fabulous, but I only need once every 3 months.

Also, last night when I was going to bed, Jeremy mentioned to me that whenever I post about housework, I always post in the first person implying that I am the only one who ever vacuums, launders or cleans the bathroom. For the record, Jeremy does more than his fair share of the housework.

We usually split the housework into our own preferences:

I like to: take out the trash, declutter magazines & papers (which I have learned over the years, is best done without asking too many questions), loading the dishwasher, loading the washing machine and cleaning the bathrooms.

Jeremy likes to: wipe horizonal surfaces, fold and iron (although lately he’s been doing all the loading too), cooking and grocery shopping

In terms of paperwork: I tend to do all the medical insurance and reimbursing paperwork for child care/medical expenses. Jeremy does the bills and the taxes.

We are a rockin’ TEAM!

2 thoughts on “Feeling much better.”

  1. Happy Mother’s DaY!

    I HOPE YOU GET A GPS -if nottoday,
    then for an occasion that occurs
    soon-it’s like my IPHONE-I’ve had
    it 3 months and I’ve rarely used
    it hahaha-except when I was traveliing-and ofcourse I use
    the Internet stuff all the time.
    IRESISTED geting one until Jan of
    this year….it’s not a question
    of how much you use it………..and
    if it s anything like mycellphone,
    it will actually’empower you’
    eve if you never use it! WHich
    of course youwill. FILE THE ABOVE

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